Thursday, August 23, 2018

Dance - A Different Direction

When she was a wee little girl, Maddie took
some ballet and tap lessons! 
 She loved them, 
but later decided to try gymnastics and tumbling.
She also loved that and then decided to try cheer
and set a goal of being a cheerleader in high school!
That was so much fun and 
she also loved it -- but the schedule
last year -- oy vey -- too much!

So, it's back to her first love -- dance! 
 She has been doing tap for the
last couple of years along with cheerleading.
Every time she comes out of her tap class,
she has the biggest smile on her face!

She's taken ballet this summer and starting
in September, she'll be back in tap
and trying jazz in addition to ballet.
She asked me what I thought jazz was like . . . 
of course, I did crazy jazz hands! 
I don't have a clue --
remember, I can't keep a beat, so dance
has never been my strong suit.


Kayla said...

What beautiful photos, Janet!! Love that dress!

PattyK said...

Whoops - that was from me!

Billie Jo said...

How exciting!
How wonderful she has so many talents...
So does this mean she is hanging up her pom poms?
Beautiful dress too!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Love, love the dress!

Laurie said...

She is just soooo beautiful!! That is all!

Lisa said...

gorgeous!! cheer AND dance?