Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Six Quirky Things

I've been tagged by Lisa for a six quirky things meme. Hmmm -- only 6! Here goes:

1. I'm still a newbie at blogging as you can tell since I couldn't exactly link correctly to Lisa! Am still learning people -- cut me some slack! [See note below.]

2. I eat some chocolate every single day and some days-- LOTS of chocolate. Love having a Hershey kiss (or two or ten) with some coffee in the morning. I could easily be in that study where they're asking women to eat chocolate every day.

3. I'm a twin and some relatives still refer to me as "one of the twins" even though my twin and I don't look at all alike! And one uncle still calls me Janny!! Sweet (yeah, haven't been called that since I've been 6 or 7)!

4. I hate driving on the interstate! I'll take a two-lane highway and delay my arrival to avoid the interstate. When driving alone (on the highway or in bad weather), I talk out loud telling myself what a great job I'm doing!

5. I call my Dad by his first name, Al, all the time and Maddy does too! And he likes it!

6. Just about everyone in my immediate little family goes by their first initial and "boo" as a sort of nickname. Boo sounds like the beginning of our last name. It all started with #2 son - cboo!

I would tag some people, but as you can see, I haven't figured that out yet. So, I may have an addendum to this post later. Go ahead, call me a dork . . . and then send me instructions on how to do that!

Edited to add: Yay -- Jodee showed me how to link this morning -- thanks Jodee!


Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed reading your list! I am with you on the interstate! I can help you link Lisa tomorrow -- just remind me!

Philip said...

haha. that is a great list, mom. i know I got the chocolate addiction from you for sure!

Lisa said...

I agree with the chocloate. thanks for playing!

missy said...

Such a fun list. I laughed about you telling yourself what a great job you are doing while driving...I thought I was the only one who did that! : )

Jake and Taryn said...

Love your list! I too LOVE Hershey kisses! I like the ones with almonds in them! :)

Michelle said...

So excited to find your blog. It will be great fun following a child a little older than my daughter -- a lot to look forward to!