Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun With the Littles!

Maddy loved pushing Jane around the zoo!  The goats ran off when we didn't shell out some $ to feed them!

Last weekend, we had some fun with the little ones in the family!  Philip and Catherine brought Janie and Walt to spend the night with us while they went to a football game and had a night out.   If you remember the last time we did that, you might guess that I was a little nervous this time around!  But, I figured there was no way we could possibly have a dreadful storm knocking out power and downing a tree in the yard again when the babies stayed over.  And luckily there were no storms!!

Looking at zoo animals is serious stuff!

We had so much fun with Janie and Walt!  Maddy and I took Jane to the zoo and she loved it. Maddy had a blast pushing her stroller around and pointing out the red panda, the ponies, the new penguins, the smelly goats, the birds and  the screaming lemurs.  Wow -- those things are loud and were a little scary!  From the looks of them when they were screaming, they have very large, sharp teeth!  We also saw this incredibly cute crocodile who gave us that really big smile when he saw us!! :)

Nice to see you too, Mr. Crocodile!

Then we had even more fun and introduced Janie to some delightful cuisine -- McD's!!  She loved it!!  Walt is a bit too young still for fries and nuggets, so he opted for another bottle of formula. 

As sweet as Janie was a baby, I thought there was no way that their second baby would be so sweet and easygoing too.  Wrong!  He is the most mellow little fellow (poetic, aren't I!).  I got him to smile and giggle for me.   Later, we stuck the poor guy in an umbrella stroller to take him for a walk with Janie in another stroller and Muffy tagged along too.   I'm afraid little Walter didn't look too comfy, but he never complained.  He reminds me so much of Philip as a baby, but Philip didn't sleep through the night until he was at least one year old and Walt is already sleeping through the night at 3 months!  Maddy is the best auntie and it was a really fun visit!

Look at that sweet, adorable face!


Kim K. said...

Aren't you lucky to have grandbabies that are happy and sleep through the night!! Woo hoo!! Maddy is an adorable babysitter.

Jodee said...

It looks like you had loads of fun last weekend! Cute pictures with Walt and Janie! You are so lucky to have a big helper too!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Walt is a cute! More than a cutie! I do love his name. Very sweet.


Gail said...

Oh my gosh they are cute!!! Sounds like Maddy is an awesome helper. :)

Laura L. said...

Such cute, sweet grandbabies! Glad you get to spend time adoring them. :)

paige said...

oh my goodness, i cant' believe how big she's gotten!!
& little walt!!! precious!!!

Courtney said...

So glad there was no major drama this time. That last picture of Walt is so sweet.