Monday, March 19, 2018

Have You Seen These??

Thank you all for your kind comments about my
blast-from-the-past prom story!
Maddie still does not believe my dress looked so fabulous!

So, here we go --- from the oldies to new-fangled things . . .
have you seen or heard of a heated eyelash curler???

Yes, they do exist and Maddie is trying one out!
She has long eyelashes that are very, very straight
like her beautiful straight hair!
Attempting to use an eyelash curler has not worked
very well for her . . . as in - did not work at all!!
So, when I saw this one posted  as a favorite on Preppy Empty Nester,
I mentioned it to Maddie and it immediately
went into the cart on Amazon!

Will be sure and update how it works!


Laurie said...

I for sure want an update on this product! Sounds wonderful! I tend to buy what you recommend (Burt's Bees products, the deal that helps rough feet, etc.) You find good stuff! :)

Lisa said...

update please! Meg uses a regular one (same prob as Maddie) but those things make me want to puke! lol

Jodee said...

No way! Kamree will want one too! I should add it to her Easter basket!

Kelli said...

This sounds interesting. Would like be to hear what you think..