Friday, February 8, 2019

Five on Friday

Trying something new  -- here's a
"Five on Friday" list.

1.  The Weather  -- Our Scottie loves the snow -
me, Maddie and the Rickster -- not so much.
By February, we are definitely ready for warmer temps and green

2.  Super Bowl Food -- Can I get a Yum!
We love Mexican dip for the Super Bowl (but, wasn't that game a snoozefest??)
or a salsa dip from Trader Joe's called Cowboy Caviar -- mix it with
some cream cheese and heat it up! It's so good and
has a real cowboy kick to it!

3.  Trees -- There were (operative word is "were" - they are all gone now)
 some huge evergreen trees behind our fence.  
Last week, the utility company sent some incredibly
brave and talented men to cut those trees down so
the power won't be affected during storms with
tree branches falling.
They did an amazing job!

4.  Jane -- A couple weeks ago, we took Jane (almost 9!)
out for her Xmas gift experience.
We went to Barnes and Noble and then to Scooters!
She picked out a book and then a yummy smoothie and a scone!
The boys' experiences will be coming up in the future.
Each little got a coupon for a special fun time
with me and Maddie!

5.  Cookies!  
M and I bought one of these little bitty cookies in a skillet 
mixes at Christmas.  I bought it as a gift and gave it to myself!
We baked it and maybe we did it wrong
as it turned out really dry! 
 Edible and so cute - but dry!
Ever since then, I've been dreaming of baking chocolate chip

Have a fun weekend!!


Laurie said...

LOVE your 5 on Friday idea- I might steal that someday! Adorable pictures.... and I love that mini-skillet- too bad they were dry, but it sure was a cute gift to give yourself. :)

Lisa said...

great list! I love that you and Maddie are a team. =) Now I want cookies!!

Unknown said...

Oh my word! I am running straight to Trader Joe's for that dip! It looks amazing! Also, where did you get that mini skillet? We need that too! What a GREAT Five on Friday post!

Unknown said...

P.S. Why am I posting as "Unknown?"