Monday, July 17, 2017

Always Be Yourself . . . or Be a Unicorn!

As Maddy says -- 
"Always be Yourself unless you can be a 
Unicorn, then
Always be a Unicorn!"
Words of wisdom from my favorite teenager!
Pretty magical, right! :)

We've been loving the rather large
floatys that are around this year
and the unicorn is definitely our favorite 
. . . 
so far! :)

With the extreme heat and humidity we've 
been enjoying,
the pool is the place to be with a floaty
and maybe a root beer float too!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Animal Kingdom!

Africa section of Animal Kingdom

Good news as you can see --
my friend was able to get back into my
blog setup and figure out how to
remove all that junk!
Africa - Animal Kingdom
 I must attempt to get caught up now as I haven't
even finished chatting about our Disney trip!
Yes, I am way behind!

Soooooo -- on to Animal Kingdom (AK)!
Usually, there are only a couple rides I really like at  AK -
the safari ride and Kali River Rapids.
Those rides are such a blast and I don't even
mind getting wet on the river rapids ride!
 Generally, this area is packed, wall-to-wall people!

Looking forward to a ride on a banshee in Pandora!

Disney just opened a new area known as Pandora.
This area is where all the people went and was packed with people and
some waiting 4-5 hours for a ride!
It was a fabulous ride - but 4-5 hours in line???
 In the heat and humidity of Orlando??

Pandora - The Floating Mountains!

The Avatar ride is the best!  We had Fastpasses and walked
right past a 4+ hour waiting line!
Yippee for planning ahead!  :)
Get this -- you even had to wait in line (no fastpasses)
for the gift shop attached to the Avatar ride!
You'd think they were giving stuff away -- ha ha ha -
Disney giving stuff away -- that's sooooo funny! :)
I crack myself up sometimes!

Stay tuned as I am finally able to access my photos and my blog again!

Monday, July 10, 2017


Oh my word!!
So, Photo*bucket decided to hijack part of my blog!
I think one of their gadgets or some such was
used in my blog header or side info.
Please excuse the mess!

Hopeful that my friend will be able to figure it out and
clean it up.

It's so distracting, isn't it?? 
I'm so sorry!

Guess a forced bloggy break is 

Love & Kisses -
Hope your blogs are safe!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day!!

What a special day to celebrate our freedoms!
Mr. Tennis and I lived in Philadelphia a few years and the celebrations 
there were simply amazing!
I love Philadelphia!

I must admit when my sons were young and LOVED fireworks,
I kind of dreaded the 4th of July -- not the actual holiday, of course,
but the danger involved with boys and fireworks!
Mr. Tennis was like a kid himself and the three of them
together were constantly blowing things up (including toys, 
stuffed animals, little cars)
 and making more and more trips 
to the fireworks stand for supplies! OY!
We had a few mishaps over the years . . . 
probably the most memorable was when a spark somehow
ignited a bagful of fireworks on the patio table!
Ended up with a hole in the umbrella and a fried table!
But, at least no one was injured that time!

Looking patriotic in her Happy Hound bandana, but terrified of fireworks!

Maddy and I like the pretty fireworks and sparklers,
the Roman Candles, buzzing bees, smoke bombs 
and cracklin balls.  Much tamer fireworks!

We're planning some pool time and hot dogs on the grill.
A little gin and tonic is on my list!
Maddy and I may make a quick trip to our local zoo.
Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Happy 4th Friends!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Magical Magic* Kingdom

On our first full day at the parks, we
visited the always magical, Magic Kingdom!

We had an early breakfast reservation at "Be our Guest"
so were able to get into the park a little bit before other
Always nice to see the park before it's full of people!

We were also able to get on some fun, fun rides before the lines got long!
Yes, even  a wimp like me will ride a roller coaster sometimes!
Plus, we never miss a chance to jump on and 
ride Dumbo and the Teacups!

And, of course, besides the rides, we had to visit our favorite snack shops -
like Casey's!

It was a fabulous first day - you could say, "best day ever!"
We continued it at the pool
and Hollywood Studios later!

We 💖 Disney!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WDW Report

Hello Friends!

June seems to be slipping away from me and I've lost
some focus from blogging. 
But, I'm going to try and catch up I promise.

WDW 2017

When I last left you, Maddy and I were headed to Walt Disney World!
We did arrive there safe and sound and had a wonderful time!
Our flights had early-bird departures -- wheels up at 6 AM and
you know what that means . . . get to the airport by 4:30 AM!
Even without the bright sunshine of Florida, I needed
to wear my shades to hide my saggy-baggy
tired eyes!  :)

On our first day, we decided to do some walking around the area
of our resort and also visit Disney Springs - which is a newly 
refurbished and expanded version of Downtown Disney.
What a fun place! 
We liked it a lot!

Of course, we had to find and taste-test the fare
from Sprinkles Cupcakes*!
Both of us declared their cupcakes to 
be quite delish and definitely
on our list for a return visit!

Since we had such an early morning travel day,
spending some time taking walks, enjoying the Florida humidity and munching
on cupcakes completed our first day!

Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Headed to . . .

Maddy and I are on the road!
The bandana shop has closed for vacation.

Looking forward to some fun in the sun,
rides and character sightings!
We love Disney World!

See you next week!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

School's Out -- Freshman Year is in the Books!

Let's have a hip-hip-hooray for the end of the
school year!  Yippee!

It was a busy year for Miss Mads and as you all know, freshman year is
a huge adjustment!
Managing classes, homework, studying and cheerleading all
kept her very busy.
Add to that her new love of tap dancing (once a week lessons), guitar (weekly lessons) 
and her burgeoning sewing business -- that girl had it going on!
As she would say about homework -- the struggle is/was real! 
And she made it through!
Finals ended this morning!

Her summer looks bright with cheer practices starting
in full gear in July again.
So, the month of June will most likely be devoted to having her wisdom teeth removed, 
working on an online PE walking class and  her
sewing business.
Her sewing skills are exploding!  She is improving and trying new projects.
She watched a you-tube tutorial and sewed up
the infinity scarf in the photo for me
for Mother's Day and promptly borrowed it for photos! :)

Of course, her main sewing business remains doggie bandanas!
I'm so proud of all her hard work -- she's sold around 280 bandanas
since the end of January!
There are some stylin pups out there!  :)

Mr. Tennis and I are super proud of her and all her determination
and hard work during freshman year!
Way to go Miss M!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

TGIT and who knows how to Putt Putt

It's been a long week friends!
High school has been super stressful this week
as the teachers try to cram every single thing
they can into my highschooler's brain, load on the homework AND also
give tests this week -- just a few days
ahead of final exams!

Hmmmm -- methinks they should be reviewing 
for final exams, but no one asked moi! ;)
Do you know all 73 books of the Bible . . . in order????

Anyhooooo -- we are putting the stress aside and
going to the movies Friday night to see the newest Wimpy Kid flick!
Those books and the movies are a hoot and a half!
Looking forward to laughing a LOT!

Back to Putt Putt!  
Our miniature golf facility in Omaha
was known as Putt Putt Golf!
Oh my word -- that was fun!
We have mini-golf here in Lincoln too -- not Putt Putt
but loads of fun!

Maddy and I put my old skills to the test last Sunday
for our Mother's Day golf outing!
It was 94 degrees and sunny! 
I'm sure that's what hampered my game!
Miss M, however, got a hole-in-one!!

It was a blast -- am hoping the next time we go - 
it isn't quite so crowded and the temp is more manageable -
and am sure I'll get a hole-in-one too! 
Have a super weekend friends!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mothers and Daughters

Mother's Day 2013
Thinking of my sweet Mother on Mother's Day weekend!
She never really wanted a fuss for
Mother's Day or thanks for the five million and one things she
did for all of us kids and my Dad.  She did everything so well and made
cooking and baking look like a breeze!
We were all special in her eyes and somehow she made each of us feel like
her favorite!
Of course, I really was! :)
She was absolutely the best hugger ever!
I try to carry on that tradition as best I can and am training Maddy in the
art of giving good hugs!  She's doing a great job!

Maddy, Mom and Me - 2009
A few throwback photos I found of me and Maddy together on past
Mother's Days.
She's such a sweet daughter!  Bonus -- my hair actually looked
halfway decent in these pictures.  If you know me, you know how 
much my hair torments and taunts me, frizzes up at the 
mere mention of humidity and basically drives me crazy about 
90% of the time.

Mother's Day 2008

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Give somebody special a hug!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekend Update

Hello Friends!
Wow -- the month of May is going fast already, isn't it!

Last weekend was the marathon here in Lincoln as it is
in many cities.  
No, I didn't run.  My training (ha - what training!) is not sufficient for me
to attempt to run a marathon, but my son, Philip, ran the half-marathon.
The route goes about a block away from my house so I ran up to watch 
the runners and look for him. 
 Out of the the 10,000 runners, I wasn't
too sure I'd see him. 
 But after about 10 minutes of scanning each runner who went by,
 I spied him running along at a good pace!
Later, his family found him at another spot in the marathon.
I think it was his 4th half-marathon
and he got a personal best time.
Congrats PTB!

Too adorable that Janie dressed up as a kitty and Walt as Darth Vader!

Later, Catherine and the kids came over for muffins and chocolate milk!
After that healthy snack, Mr. Tennis gave them all a lesson in 
flower planting and watering!
Such a fun start to Sunday!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

Hello May!
Oh my word --after monsoon rainstorms all weekend long,
 we nearly had snow last night -- what happened 
to lovely warm spring temps???
Seriously -- there should never be snow in April or May please!

Here's a little flashback to May Day 2010!
Wow -- I loved that cute haircut on her!!

In any event, we are ignoring the ridiculous rainy and almost snowy weather 
and forging ahead praying for warm and sunny days!

And ha -- we have the same May Day bags this year!
Not to worry we're not using the same popcorn from 2010 --
it's fresh and terribly yummy!  I had to sample, of course!

Happy May Day y'all! :)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Where Are They Now"

Maddy was selected to participate in a
Junior Achievement Pitch Night -- "Where Are They Now?"
segment this week!
Back in middle school [was that only 1 year ago???],
 the students developed, pitched products and sold
items just like JA did back in the dark ages
when I was in high school. 
But . . . we did JA in high school, didn't you?
And no, I am not telling you
how many years ago that was!

Anyhooo -- due to her little booming etsy business, 
her business/computer
teacher, Mrs. B, called and asked her
to be in the "Where are They Now" portion of
the Pitch Night!

It was so much fun for her to talk about the bandana business and
answer questions from the experts (business leaders from our community)
and to visit with teachers/parents from her middle school days.
Proud Mom moment to be sure!
Since the end of January, she's sold over 200 bandanas!
That's a lot of stylish pups out there! :)
Thanks for the invite Mrs. B!

Friday, April 21, 2017

TGIF/Spring Break Report

Yippee Skippee - it's Friday and the sun is shining!
In honor all things spring and her love for Peeps,
Maddy tried one of the Unicorn frapps at Starbucks*
the other day.
Isn't it so pretty!
Pretty, but loaded with sugar and she took two
sips and deemed it way too much!!
Since it had no chocolate in it, I was not interested! :)

In other spring break-type news,
Maddy's break from school is centered around  the holiest of holidays,Easter,
 so a bit later than most spring breaks this year.
We used to head to Disney for Spring Break
and Loved  that so much -- but it was incredibly
busy and crowded.  So we switched and stay home at Easter/spring break and
head to Disney World after school gets out at the end of May!
The countdown is on and at 39 days!

We had brunch with this lovely group on Easter Sunday!
They all look so spiffy and cute, don't they!
I'm not sure why I didn't force ask Maddy and Connor and Mr. Tennis
 to get into a photo, 
but somehow I missed that opportunity!

Mads and I spent a lot of time over spring break visiting
fabric stores and sewing!
The doggie bandana business is going strong - very strong!
We sewed 16 bandanas over Easter weekend 
and are currently working on 10 more!

Hope you had a wonderful week.  After seemingly endless
storms and rain here, we're crossing our fingers for a full day or two
of sunshine!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cheer News!

Yay !
My freshie cheerleader made the JV squad!
We had such a busy week last week with cheer practices, tryouts 
plus homework plus tests!
Seriously -- she had practices and tryouts - couldn't we 
suspend homework
and tests for one week??? :)
Tryouts were last Friday and Maddy and I had tickets to the 
Midtown Men concert after tryouts!
If you have the chance - go see them - especially if you are
fans of the oldies!  They were in Jersey Boys on Broadway
and are fabulous!  She even enjoyed the performance.

Instead of home, we headed to Pius to see who
made the team as the list was to be posted on the door at 10 PM!
Kind of a scary way to find out!
But some of the other JV contenders were also there. 
Happy to report, all these girls made JV!
Congrats girls!

Yes, it was a little chilly out at 10 PM that night!

On Sunday, it was time for the cheer potluck dinner to
meet all the squads, new girls and families.
It was so much fun!

JV Squad 2017-18!
Uniform ordering is tonight (take the checkbook!!!)
and practices start up in May.
Looks like another fun year with cheer!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy Birthday - A Mimi Post!

My youngest grandchild, baby Dorothy, celebrated
her first birthday at the end of March!
So, it's time for a Granny post.
 But wait, the word Granny always reminds me of that really
 old Granny on Beverly Hillbillies - 
anybody remember that show?
So let's call this a Mimi post
since that's what the littles call me.

Seems so hard to believe
that she's hit the 1-year old milestone already!
She is simply a delight and 
they had some fabulous 1-year celebration photos taken.  
She has blue eyes and a really sweet disposition just like me!

Couldn't you just smoosh that little face and
cover it in kisses!

Happy Birthday Sweet Dorothy!! 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Welcome April!

Hello April!
Hello Rainy Weather!
Boo hoo - missing the sun and warm temps here!
I'm hoping that mentioning our rainy and dreary weather will
make it go away! 
Fingers crossed!

In other random news, I took Mr. Tennis to 
the Amtrak station the other morning at 3:05 AM
to catch a train headed East.
Yes, his train departed at 3:20 AM -- not my 
favorite time of day to be out!
I used to take the very same train (well, probably not the exact same train), 
but similar schedule for the train back and forth to college.
I loved riding the rails!  Visiting the club car and  watching Iowa speed by
in front of my very eyes was so relaxing!
Ahhhh - -those were the days my friend!

The el trains I used to take in Philadelphia were not 
quite so clean and relaxing! :)

In other random news -- cheer tryouts are this week!
It's going to be a busy, busy week for Miss M - with cheer practices,  
tryouts and homework too - plus the bandana business 
is going strong and we are sewing a LOT! :)

Soooooo, that's the way our week looks -
hope you have a wonderful week too!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cheer Banquet!

You didn't think that I was done with talking
about cheer and cheerleading, did you?

Freshman Squad with Coach Katy
Now that cheer has been finished for a couple of weeks, 
it was time for the
End of the Cheer Season Banquet last weekend.

Although extremely busy at times with practices and games,
it was a really fun year for my freshman cheerleader!
Besides being active and getting loads of exercise,
she gained a lot of confidence and learned many valuable lessons
from being part of a team.
One of the best things about the whole cheer experience  was having a
"big sister."  All the seniors are big sisters to the younger girls and
her big sis Alyse was a real model of cheer, positive behavior and teamwork!

Finally, a reason for Mads to get out of the yoga pants/leggings
and tee-shirts for the banquet.
Not being much of a "dress" girl, Maddy recycled a 
dress from 7th grade! 
Yes, it still fit though shorter than it was back then 
due to someone getting taller!

Freshie Cheerleaders!
We had such a great time celebrating the Varsity, JV
and Freshman squads and all their hard work.
It was especially touching to hear the seniors talk about
the friends they've made on cheer and their thanks to their parents
and coaches for making it all such a great experience.

Look at the yummy cakepops and cake!
Can you say DELISH!!

Maddy received the Smile Award for the best smile and
attitude in the Freshman squad!
Love that girl's smile!

Next up -- cheer tryouts next week!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Hippity Hoppity

It's that time of year -- time to change the
door art to a spring design!

Door art is fairly popular in our neighborhood.
It so much fun to see what the neighbors will come up with next.

One neighbor had a Giant Hershey Kiss for 
Valentine's Day!
When Maddy saw it, she said it would be perfect for me! 
 Oh yes -- the girl knows me well!

Since St. Patrick's Day is over, we just retired our Shamrock and
are so excited to show off our polka-dot bunny!

We love how the change of season and/or celebrations
are displayed on the doors around our area!
My favorites are the new one -- the bunny, of course,
but also love our ice cream cone for summer
and the birthday cake for birthdays!

Do you do door art in your neighborhood?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Random Thoughts

TGIF and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Finally -- we are enjoying some warmer temps and sunny skies!
Love that the grass is greening up, birds are singing and
the furnace isn't running full blast!

My neighbor's daffodils are blooming!
This is the time of year that I love  - so nice to get outside to
walk/run, see the neighbors, find out the neighborhood news, etc.
Hoping that our boulevard that was decimated last fall for
street work gets some much-needed attention and
will not be a mud-pit!

What's on your weekend agenda?
Tidying up around the house and yard is the top of my list!
Beauty and the Beast also on the schedule.
What about you?
Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Keep Calm and Tap Dance!

Do you tap?
After cheerleading and the early morning practices ended 
a couple weeks ago,  Maddy decided to try something totally new!
Tap Dancing!

We found a "Tap for Teens" class at a dance studio she 
went to years ago.  After two "try it out first" classes, she was hooked!  
She said it is very fun, but way harder than it looks!
She wanted me to join in -- but (1) I'm not a teen by a very long shot; and
(2)  I have no sense of rhythm and fell over during a trial
Zumba class.
 Me = No Coordination!!
I can walk and I can run (a little -- not too far)
 -- that's the extent of my athletic abilities!

As luck would have it (for me anyway), parent visitation was
last week and they only have those once per semester.
During the two classes she attended,  I had been peeking through the windows,
 but all I could
see was a lot of legs and feet moving very, very quickly!
I thought there were 15-20 girls in the class, but only 9 --
just lots of feet tapping!
So nice that they are all around the same age -- most are
freshmen or sophomores in high school.

She's learning very quickly and having the best time!
It's totally a nice break from studies on Tuesday evenings.
Our new motto is
"Stay Calm and Tap Dance"
Happy Weekend!